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Challenges of Supporting a Remote Workforce Underscore Value of Maintenance Partners

The Covid-19 pandemic and the resulting social distancing requirements that began in early 2020 forced many companies to require many of their associates to work remotely and in many instances, from their homes. While this adjustment has created a mountain of new challenges and some additional costs initially, many companies are considering the option to continue to support remote working in the future, even after the pandemic subsides.

Some owners and managers believe that working outside the office can reduce some of their dependence on expensive office space and other expenditures for maintaining a full-time, in-house workforce. Recruiting superior talent is also facilitated when the candidate's location is no longer an issue.

But what are the unique IT considerations when maintaining a mostly remote workforce?

Providing Secure IT Support for a Remote Workforce

As we have learned in recent years, Cloud data storage availability allows individuals to access databases from anywhere globally while communicating with associates and clients from anywhere in the world at any time. Teams working from various locations on the same projects can collaborate in real-time as effectively as if each member is in the same room.

Businesses and organizations that opt for a remote workforce must address challenges related to creating a coordinated, reliable, and highly secure IT system. Some companies were already prepared for this situation, while many require the services of a third-party IT maintenance company to bring their system up to speed efficiently and securely.

The good news is that just about all the tools needed to support a remote workforce are available. The key is to work with IT experts who can professionally implement, manage, and monitor the system.

Operational challenges include:

  • Hardware Connectivity

Company-owned workstations, personal computers, and peripherals can be set up at each remote site. However, making these operational, secure, and connected requires technical expertise to ensure proper linkage to the server to facilitate access and communications without risk. When several technicians may be necessary, a professional third-party IT maintenance company can work to ensure that all work is performed promptly and effectively.

  • Home Network Infrastructure and Capacity

In many instances, employees working from home will be using their personal computers. The company has no control over these unless they adopt a proactive stance. Registering and deregistering (when needed) each piece of equipment is an important measure to ensure the entire network's security.

Also, home networks may not have sufficient bandwidth to accommodate successful interaction; therefore, professionals are essential to assess each circumstance.

  • Cybersecurity

Extending the network security to all points of contact is one of the highest priorities for any enterprise. While the core IT system may have many protections from malware and cyberattacks, remote and personal devices are vulnerable. One solution is to provide training for each employee to recognize potential cyberthreats and to avoid these.

Setting up Virtual Private Network systems to accommodate a high number of remote locations can substantially slow the systems. A proven third-party IT maintenance company can mitigate the bottlenecks by implementing specially tailored configurations.

  • Compliance Issues

If the network is set up to accommodate an in-office workforce, reconfiguration is likely needed to address security and compliance issues.

Contact thomastech to Evaluate Remote Workforce and Team Issues

Remote work can increase productivity while keeping the workforce healthy and happy. To diminish the potential for security risks or to compromise compliance requirements, a proven third-party IT company like thomastech can help implement and ensure complete safety while providing ongoing monitoring and upgrading security.

Contact thomastech, a global third-party IT maintenance company, to learn how we can help you create a safe and efficient remote workforce environment in these challenging times.

For more information and to set up a confidential consultation and evaluation, call the experts at thomastech at 1-330-225-3117 or send us an email at

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