Challenges of Supporting a Remote Workforce Underscore Value of Maintenance Partners

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With Remote Work becoming the new normal, more and more Companies are shifting their Database to the Cloud. Cloud Storage of Data enables accessing Applications and Services Remotely through the Internet, anytime and anywhere. Basically, Off-premises Cloud Storage come with a set of tools which enable your Business to store, operate and organize Data with greater efficiency than On-site Data Centers. This is why Remote Working has become so successful.

According to a recent Study conducted by Uptime Institute's 10th Annual Uptime Institute Global Survey of IT and Data Center Managers, the dependence of Enterprises on On-premise Data Centers has dropped to 54% as opposed to 58% in the Year 2020. While Cloud Storage enables Off-premises Storage and Access Handling of Data, Organizations have On-premises or On-prem Data Centers as well.

The huge scalability scope of Cloud Data Center is what makes it a viable choice over On-site Data Centers. Off-site Cloud Data Centers also come with the advantage of Low-cost Maintenance. In case of On-premise Data Centers, however, the Cost of Power, Upgrades, Security, Environmental Controls (HVAC) etc., further add to the Infrastructure Management Expenditure. Whereas, a Cloud Provider divides Maintenance Costs into easy Monthly Subscription Fee Structure.

Hybrid Cloud : A Smart Investment

Public Cloud Usage is expected to become 12% in the Year 2022 as opposed to 8% in the Year 2020. This trend suggests that more and more Enterprises are opting for a Cloud-based Data Center. Although a purely Cloud Based Data Center seems more advantageous than an On-premise data Center, opting for a Hybrid Data Center System is rather beneficial. A Hybrid Cloud System enables utilizing the benefits of both types of Data Centers. The adaptation of Cloud Data is gradually increasing but it is not leaving behind its predecessor. According to the Uptime Institute, it is expected that two-thirds of IT Workloads will continue to stay On-premise in 2022. A Customized Hybrid Solution is a concoction of Stability and Speed offered by the Cloud, and the Control and familiarity of the On-premise Data Center. Without complete Migration and Commitment to Cloud, you still get all the benefits of a Cloud Platform. Both Cloud and On-premise Data Centers can act as backups for each other. In addition, a Hybrid Data Center can also operate behind a Firewall which adds to the Security.

Maintenance of a Cloud Data Center

Cloud Providers do equip you with Tools to manage Cloud Environment. However, these Tools clubbed with the ones provided by a Trusted Third-party Maintenance (TPM) Service can dramatically expand your Data Center's capabilities. Thomastech's Third-party Services are customizable according to your IT Needs, so that even in a Hybrid System, you can maximize your Performance.

Third party tools include the following features :

  • Monitoring SLA : Third party Tools are able to monitor SLA by using QoS Monitoring. With the help of Third-party SLA Management, Enterprises can operate their Data Centers to their threshold capacity.
  • Controlling Resources : Third-party Tools help in managing Cloud Environments by scanning Cloud Resources on a large scale. There are numerous ways by which they do so, some of them being employing Protocols, Alerts, Recovery Procedures etc.
  • Disaster Recovery Features : Third-party Tools increase the efficiency of Disaster Recovery System. Third-party Tools help creating a Disaster Recovery Plan so that Administrators can have the right assistance for the exact Problem, especially when Disaster Recovery Failover takes place.
  • Increased Security : Third-party Tools help in creating a Secure Environment by creating an Audit that is concerned with maintaining strict standards of Security.
  • Increased Visibility : Third-party Tools enable granular visibility into the Cloud Environment. This is especially beneficial since Cloud Environment is distributed; thus, it can get inconvenient to manage. This tool will help you observe everything happening within each Cloud. Your Monitoring and Managing Efficiencies will increase several folds with the help of Third-party Tools.

Thomastech : A trusted Third-party Maintenance Provider for Cloud and On-premise Data Center

With the help of Cloud Data Centers as well as On-Premise Data Centers, you can reach your Enterprise's full potential. Managing Cloud and On-premise Data Centers comes with Security Risks and Compromises. However, with Thomastech's Third-party IT Maintenance Services you can not only make sure that your physical equipment in the On-site Data Center continues to function at an optimum level, but also your Cloud Data Center delivers peak performance as well. We hope that you gained insight into cloud and on-site Data Centers and weer able to understand how your Organization can benefit through a Hybrid Model of both the Data Center Types. Thomastech provides Customized Solutions for your IT Infrastructure needs so that you can optimize efficiency by leveraging the right tools.

Contact thomastech, a global third-party IT maintenance company, to learn how we can help you create a safe and efficient remote workforce environment in these challenging times.

For more information and to set up a confidential consultation and evaluation, call the experts at thomastech at 1-330-225-3117 or send us an email at

thomastech's unwavering commitment to quality, comprehensive solutions, and round-the-clock expertise transformed our Data Center journey." - John T.

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