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Businesses should consider what their affordable storage for data centers needs to do for them and consider those needs when deciding on a location. While yes, the cost is the most important factor because it will determine how much the business will have to pay for the data center, it is not the be-all-end-all. Several characteristics must be considered, especially since it will house and provide access to your data from an off-shore area. These include:


When looking for a data center, it is essential to ensure that adequate power is available. Power is the lifeblood of the data center; without it, the IT infrastructure will fail. It is essential to evaluate the power sources, power delivery systems, and emergency backup systems to ensure that the data center is reliable and can provide continuous performance in the event of a disruption.

Researching the track record of the potential data centers for their power grid stability, as well as their backup systems, is essential. Analyze their records for outages and the associated financial penalties (per service-level agreements) or, worse, potential damage to computing hardware. Your affordable storage for data centers must have the most reliable and consistent power solutions without any unexpected breaks in service.


Data center interconnection connects different data centers to share resources and information. This allows businesses to access the resources they need to support their mission-critical applications and maximize their success in day-to-day operations.

Fiber optic cables are an excellent way to transmit high volumes of data quickly and efficiently. Data centers situated near major fiber optic networks benefit from the lowest latency. Maps are available that pinpoint the locations of fiber optic cable networks, and if the desired location is not serviced, fiber providers can be asked to extend the network.

Carrier Neutrality

Carrier-neutral data centers are data centers that are not owned or controlled by any particular telecommunications provider. This allows customers to choose from multiple providers and get the best connection or service for their needs.

A carrier-neutral data center decreases latency and keeps the whole facility online, even if one internet service provider has an issue. This ultimately strengthens the network and provides more options for the customer.

Environmental Risks

Choosing a data center in an area with a low risk of natural disasters is important for the reliability of your online services. Selecting a spot that is unlikely to be affected by events such as earthquakes, hurricanes, and floods is beneficial. This will ensure that your services will remain available and reliable even in the face of a catastrophic event.


Data center security is incredibly vital and should be taken seriously. Security measures should be implemented to protect the facility from unauthorized access. Physical security measures such as locks, cameras, and other measures should be taken to keep the facility safe. It is important to ensure these measures are in place and working properly by conducting regular checks and inspections of the facility.

For example, compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is a must if you are in the payments industry. There may also be other standards that you need to be aware of.


It is important to ensure that the proper measures in place for your business meet the industry standards for security, power, safety, connectivity, and carrier neutrality. Research what standards apply to your industry and ensure you follow them for the best experience with your data center.

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