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Friday Feature: HPE 3PAR 8200

Friday Feature: HPE StoreServ 8200

Do you work with IT enterprise hardware, specifically HPE? Great! In today’s Friday Feature, we will be exploring the HPE StoreServe 8200. This device is a great option for smaller storage requirements whether it’s a smaller organization with simpler storage needs or a larger organization wanting to diversify their storage devices. Using multiple, smaller storage devices creates redundancies so that, in the event physical damage occurs to one device, another is still running, protecting the data.

When to Purchase an HPE StoreServ 8200:

Often, IT managers opt for an HPE StoreServ 8400 instead of the 8200. The reason for this is that the 8400 can scale up easier. IT professionals can start with a two node device and later upgrade it to four nodes. The 8200 holds an advantage when price is an issue, there is no need to upscale in the future, or the amount of storage offered by 8400 is excessive and unneeded.

Redundancy Capabilities:

The 3PAR 8200 Array is a true symmetric system with active-active controller Nodes. When a volume is created, the array automatically creates backing Logical Disks on each controller. These Logical Disks are bound together into a Virtual Volume. The Virtual Volume is exported to the hosts, meaning each Volume (LUN) is active across all controllers, all ports, and all disks of a given class. This array is capable of delivering over 100,000 iops and supports true redundancy.

Key Specifications of the 8200:

  • 2 controller nodes
  • Two 6-core 2.2GHz processors
  • 832GiB total cache
  • Up to 12 host ports
  • Up to 2048 initiators supported
  • 6-240 hard disk drives supported
  • 6-120 solid state drives supported
  • Raw capacity of up to 1000 TiB
  • Usable file capacity ranging from 2 through 256TiB
  • Raid 0, 1, 5, and 6

Acquiring a 3PAR 8200 Array:

Imagine being able to find almost all parts, devices, or pieces of hardware at one location for your IT infrastructure. Not only does thomastech give you this ability, we also provide hardware from almost every major Enterprise IT OEM. Within thomastech’s enormous warehouse, we host a large selection of HPE 3PAR systems, including the 3PAR 8200 and 8400. Around the globe, many IT professionals are finding that our hardware pricing is helping them stretch their IT budgets. If you would like to simplify the sourcing process and save money for enterprise IT hardware, contact us and we will help you keep your data moving. Contact us by clicking here or calling (330) 225-3117.

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