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Your Data Center majorly consists of the Server, Storage and Network equipment. Drive Storage is the core of Data Systems, and it is what makes everything work. It is common knowledge that there are two types of Drives : Hard Disk (HDD) and Solid State (SSD). if you are running out of Storage space, or your Hard Drive has slowed down so much that it cannot produce optimum performance, it will be best to read this article, we will dicuss the P9L83A Solid State Drive manufactured by HPE.

SSDs vs. HDDs

How Data is stored and accessed is the main differentiatig factor between SSD and HDD. it is true that HDDs are way cheaper and seem like budget-friendly Storage alternatives. However, spending more on a better Storage Device such as SSD indded pays better in the long run. The advantages of SSDs over HDDs are as follows :

SSDs are faster than HDDs : The speed difference becomes significant when transferring and copying huge files. HDDs can copy up to 150 MB/s, whereas SSDs can do the same at 500 MB/s. More advanced SSDs can even show speeds more remarkable than this. SSDs are thus 30% faster than HDDs. The bootup speed of SSD is also much higher than HDDs. SSD has no moving parts. So, it delivers quiet operation and longer life. SSD also has lower power consumption which results in increased savings.

PL9L83A is unique among SSDs because it is compatible with HPE 3PAR's StoreServ 8000 Storage systems. Thus, it provides a high capacity of 7.68 TB of Storage using the SAS Drive Interface, all in a compact 2.5 inch form factor.

Where can you get a P9L83A?

Look no further if you are looking for P9L83A from a reliable source at a great price and HPE Support. thomastech is your on-stop destination foryour Hardware procurement and Storage Maintenance needs. We have a huge array of Drives in our Inventory, including the the P9L83As. Besides our new Hardware Inventory, thomastech has a vast collection of Refurbished Hardware and Devices. thomastech's sole purpose is to maximize your Data Center's efficiency and optimize Infrastructure from the ground up cost-efficiently. thomastech also specializes in HPE Third-party Maintenance Support. thomastech helps you meet all your Hardware needs under one roof.

To find a part, call (330) 225-3117 or leave us a message by visiting our contact us page and leaving us a message.

thomastech's unwavering commitment to quality, comprehensive solutions, and round-the-clock expertise transformed our Data Center journey." - John T.

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