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Friday Feature: P9L83A

Servers, storage, and networks make up a major part of the IT infrastructure within an organization. Inside data systems, drive storage is at the heart of what makes everything work. As we all know, there are two types of drives: hard disk (HDD) and solid state (SSD). In this week’s hardware feature, we will be looking at the P9L83A solid state drive manufactured by HPE.

SSDs vs. HDDs

Why use SSDs versus a HDDs? A common drawback to SSDs is that HDDs are much cheaper at around 3 cents versus 20-30 cents per gigabyte. However, the advantages of SSDs can outweigh the added costs:

  • Faster boot up speeds
  • Up to 30% faster than HDDs
  • No moving parts, equaling quiet operation and longer life
  • Lower power consumption, which saves cash

P9L83A facts:

What makes HPE’s P9L83A SSDs unique among other SSDs? This drive was developed to be compatible with HPE 3PAR’s StoreServ 8000 Storage systems, providing a high capacity 7.68 TBs of storage using a SAS drive interface, all in a compact 2.5 inch form factor.

Do you need a P9L83A?

Looking for a good source of P9L83As at a great price? Let thomastech be your solution. We have a broad selection of drives in inventory, including the P9L83As; at the time of this post, there are new in the box units waiting in inventory. We have a limited quantity, so get what your system needs. Besides our inventory of new hardware, thomastech also has a wide selection of refurbished hardware and devices. The hardware is first processed at our Medina warehouse and lab where it is refurbished and inspected by IT engineers. It is then placed in thomastech’s large inventory of enterprise hardware. To find a part, call (330) 225-3117 or leave us a message by visiting our contact us page and leaving us a message.

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