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The Hitachi VSP G1500 delivers storage built, which is scalable and helps improve performance capacity and virtualization. It is the perfect option for hybrid flash storage. It can provide up to 4.8 Million IOPS of Flash performance. Doe to such high flash performance, Hitachi G1500 enables your enterprise to keep up with heavy workloads. VSP G1500 helps in mainframe support and scale-out resilience for the main frame and high end users. This results in the delivery of excellent performance speeds.

Hitachi VSP G1500 helps achieve the most negligible storage footprint while delivering maximum value. It helps in a saving of 5:1 or even more significant than that. This equipment is good on the budget and offers writable snapshot clones. This facility allows millions of Data Sets to be created rapidly with almost zero capacity. High visual environments help in creating "gold image". This can be used across virtual machines and desktops for efficient cost savings. You also get the opportunity to save on Support and Management Cost.

The Scalability and SAN (Storage Area Network) capabilities of VSP G1500 are the best in the market. This scalability feature is handy for Organizations in which Data Storage needs are expanding at a fast pace. The G1500 can easily establish a connection with mainframe hosts using FICON front-end directors. It can connect wit open servers by iSCI, Fiber Channel over Ethernet front-end directors. Front-end directors in different combinations can be used to configure the G1500 to support mainframe hosts and open servers at the same time. The back-end scalability of a G1500 is quite flexible. It can control up to 65,250 logical volumes and 2,304 Disk Drives. It can contain an approximate capacity of 11,278 TB of space when using 10TB Disk Drives.

Hitachi Global Storage Virtualization Operating System, or SVOS for short, is the OS for G1500. Storage Operating Systems supported by the G1500 include IBM Mainframe Operating Systems (OS) and open-system OSs. According to Hitachi, the open-system OSs supported are "VMWare, Windows, Solaris, AIX, Linux, HP-UX, XenServer and OpenVMS."

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