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How much does third-party maintenance cost?

An assessment of the comparative long-term costs of working with an OEM (original equipment manufacturer) instead of a proven and reliable third-party maintenance provider begins with an understanding of the financial motivation of each company or business.

An OEM's Mission

Growing businesses and organizations that allow original equipment manufacturer's representatives to influence their IT purchases and maintenance decisions will likely pay more than necessary during their development years.

Original equipment manufacturers will sell you the necessary equipment, hoping you will buy more accessories and upgrades than you may need at first. The systems will usually come with a two or three-year warranty for services, repairs, and parts replacement.

When the original warranty expires, however, the OEMs usually offer a limited long-term maintenance contract. Or, ideally for them, they will suggest plenty of reasons to their customers to buy new equipment or products or a take on a substantial and expensive upgrade.

Selling new equipment is naturally the OEM's preferred solution since maintenance contracts happen to be a necessary, less-profitable evil in their industry.

What Can a Professional Third-Party Maintenance (TPM) Provider Do for You?

Once you have pondered the deeper motivations of any OEM, understanding what compels a professional third-party maintenance company or business is vital.

In addition to offering ongoing professional maintenance for all systems, including those from other OEMs, your TPM will help ensure your systems remain adequate to meet all your demands.

A professional TPM company provides far more than the service contract offered by your equipment manufacturers.

Working more closely with you and your team, your TPM:

Is dedicated to extending the life of your existing systems, not selling new equipment before it is necessary for a replacement.

  • Is dedicated to extending the life of your existing systems, not selling new equipment before it is necessary for a replacement.
  • Will work as a team member in a collaborative relationship. The TPM's success is directly related to the continuing success of organizations.
  • Can customize your system to match your needs at any stage.
  • Will recommend and upgrade your systems to match only the capacity your business indicates.
  • Charges only for services and repairs that you require.
  • Is available 24/7 to help with any advice or emergencies.
  • Secure system and data from undesirable intrusion.
  • Be trained to work on several brands of equipment.
  • Maintain spare parts inventories as needed.
  • Ensure proper backup storage.
  • Provide maintenance convenient to your schedule without disrupting your normal operations.

Enhancement of Cash Flow and Services

IT decision-makers should be aware that an OEM representative's primary mission and livelihood depends on selling new equipment. Success to an OEM representative is an order for additional equipment, perhaps long before your existing systems or components are anywhere near the end of their useful lives.

In the past, many owners and managers of growing companies have overspent on IT equipment, products and capacity long before their business demands justify the expense.

And, after the warranties expire, OEMs will continually increase their support and maintenance costs to the extent that the purchase of new equipment seems to make sense.

Also, note that most companies and organizations develop systems that involve equipment from multiple OEMs. Eventually, this can become cumbersome and intrusive while adding additional costs to the IT budget.

Conversely, a proven TPM partner like tomastech, LLC, a global support provider , commits to forestalling capital equipment expenditures as long as possible to help companies control their IT budget and divert capital to essential revenue-generating activities. Extending the life of your existing hardware by keeping your systems up-to-date and well-maintained allows you to focus more of your assets on product improvement and customer relations.

Investing much-needed capital in products and customers lays the groundwork for your company's future growth far more effectively than owning the newest IT hardware or products does.

With the best TPM company, customers will only pay only for what they need, when they need it.

Contact thomastech: A Proven Global TPM Company

Since 2007, thomastech has expanded its support network and services across the globe. By providing a precise and individually tailored support system to each client, we deliver optimal performance and resiliency to a broad portfolio of customers.

With professional, highly skilled staff situated throughout North America and Europe, the thomastech team specially tailors systems and services to help you lower your overall IT costs while maintaining top-level performance.

For more information about thomastech's custom third-party maintenance programs, visit our website or call our offices at +1-330-225-3117.

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