A Guide to IT Asset Disposition | What is ITAD?

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Once you opt for High-performance Data Center Services, you can extend your IT Equipment's Lifecycle for at least 5-7 years, even after it's expiry. Extension of IT functionality beyond the EOSL of Hardware increases the Data Center's ROI. However, when the Equipment has been stretched to it's limit entirely, it becomes necessary to replace it with new Equipment. After all, there is only so long a piece of Equipment can function before reaching it's permanent End-of-life.

In this Hardware-dependent Data Management Ecosystem, we need to find practical solutions for aged or legacy Equipment Disposition. While the problem with IT disposition starts when the Equipment can longer remain in service, it's solution must be made effective way before that day comes.

What is ITAD ?

It is a fact that even regularly updated equipment goes out of service permanently. It reaches a point where retaining it can do more harm than good. What should be your next step after you are confident that a particular piece of Hardware needs to go ? Stacking up on malfunctioning Hardware is not an option. Remarketing your old Hardware entails challenges of its own. Challenges can look like ensuring that your Data remains secure and you get a fair Market Value for the Equipment. these options fail to solve the problem practically and call for a more systematic approach. i.e. ITAD

The process of disposing of obsolete IT Equipment is called IT Asset Disposition (ITAD). This process is carried out by employing necessary safety and ecologically sound procedures. ITAD Services usually involve Asset Recycling, Tracking, Remarketing and Data Destruction.

There are three main compliances that ITADs ideally abide by :

  1. Laws of Federal, State and Local Electronics : Organizations must ensure that all sensitive Data is wiped out completely. This is done to eliminate any scope of security risk.
  2. Regulations encompassing Environmental and Health Safety Standards : Organizations must follow the standard procedure of disposal of Assets. Failure to do that can lead to heavy fines.
  3. Maximization of ROI on IT Assets : With ITAD, you can earn some money back from your initial investment in the Asset, thus adding to the ROI of the Equipment.

Best Practices of ITAD

One of the most critical facets of managing Hardware is the efficient disposal of an expired Asset. Mentioned below are five of the most vital best practices which ensure the disposition of IT Assets safely and smoothly while taking care of ROI maximization.

  1. Maintain a Chain of Custody : An ITAD Plan includes monitoring Equipment throughout its Lifecycle. Tracking Equipment from the time of its deployment, till it is rendered non-fiunctional is crucial. This process keeps track of the Equipment and who is responsible for it. Understanding when the Asset entered the Data Center Ecosystem until its destruction or resale is crucial in managing your IT Assets.
  2. Create a Strategic Plan of Action : Once you identify the IT Asset that needs to be disposed off :
  • Create a comprehensive implementation strategy which includes the responsibilities of each Project Member.
  • Ensure all Members' responisibilities are clearly mentioned in the Decommissioning Roadmap. This step ensures the elimination of any delay or confusion.
  • Choose an appropriate time to start Decommissioning the Equipment.
  1. Adhere to Environmental Laws of Disposition : With 40 Million Tons of e-Waste produced yearly, compliance with environmental regulations has become all the more vital. when Asset Disposal is the only way to deal with expired Hardware, it is crucial to perform it so that there is as minor damage to the Environment as practically possible. You must verify that your ITAD Partner has a Waste Carrier's License and Certification to prove it's Compliance with Environmental Regualtion ISO 14001.
  2. Ensure Date Security : Your ITAD Provider must provide methods to repurpose Hardware without risking Data Leaks, Data Wiping, Degaussing, Physical Destruction of Equipment etc. are some strategies to ensure that your Data is destroyed entirely from the Equipment. Before getting rid of your Equipment, ensure that your Data is not compromised in the process.
  3. Choose a trustworthy ITAD Service Provider : While there are many ITAD Providers, choose only a Professional IT Asset Disposition Company that will carry out the following operations :
  • Sterilize the System : Before Final Asset Disposition occurs, the Asset Disposition Company will sterilize all elements, removing all Data according to Industry Guidelines to ensure none of your Information remains with the Equipment.
  • Determine Residual Value : the Company will determine how much Value remains with each Component and determine whether some or all of the Syatem may be resold.
  • Offer Asset Remarketing Option : This can be done by finding a Buyer for all or Part of the System.
  • Responsible Asset Disposition : If Components cannot be resold, the Company will handle the Asset Distribution and Logistics according to Industry Standards and International Guidelines.

thomastech, a Global Leader in Third-Party Maintenance Support and Services

Rather than waste substantial Assets on Complete IT Staffing, Unnecessary Equipment, Data Storage, Software and State-of-the-art Systems Security, outsource your IT Maintenance needs to Professionals. thomastech's overall strategy is to delay Capital Equipment Expenses while professionally maintaining existing Assets and helping Clients with close guidance to gain control of their IT Budgets.

When the time comes for IT Asset Disposition, thomastech will manage your disposal in the safest, most economical manner, but only when the Equipment has reached the end of its useful life. To learn more about the Company and its Services and Quality expertise, visit the thomastech Website.

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