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Hardware packaging is crucial when we are talking about State-of-the-art equipment. Your Data Center deserves nothing but the best in terms of functionality and operability. Installation of damaged Hardware into the Data Center can lead to hours of frustrating troubleshooting. This frustration can be avoided by efficient delivery of equipment. Broken Hardware delivery is not an option. Make sure to choose only the best Hardware Resellers, such as thomastech, focused on packing deliveries properly so that your Hardware arrives in perfect working order.

Helping you keep your systems running and data moving is thomastech’s number one priority. thomastech uses a custom packaging process designed to protect your equipment. Having delivered superior equipment without damage for a decade, thomastech has perfected its shipping procedures to deliver high performance worldwide.

Packaging Methods:

At thomastech, we ship hundreds of drives each day. We devised a 6-step packaging process that is both safe and efficient.


Mentioned below is the process we follow to keep the Hard Drives unscathed and in working condition, so they are ready to install upon arrival.

Single Drives


1. Shape single drive box to prepare for shipping.

2. Place padding/foam inside the box on the bottom to protect the Drive.

3. Place the sealed drive on top of padding.

4. Add double padding on top of the drive to add further protection.

5. Close box and apply tape to seal it properly

6. Add required labels for the carrier of the fragile contents on the box.

Multiple Drives


1. Shape a 12x12x12 shipping box.

2. Place double padding on the bottom of the box.

3. Next, assemble the honeycomb dividers are place them into the box.

4. Insert all the sealed drives into the honeycomb divider.

5. Add padding to the top of the honeycomb and seal the box

6. Add required labels to notify the carrier of the fragile contents on the box.


Here at thomastech, we ensure safe shipping for our customers. When we ship out enclosures, we handle them cautiously and pack them with extra cushioning.


1. Shape a 36x24x12 box.

2. Three insta-foam packets are inserted into the bottom of the box.

3. Place the enclosure onto the insta-foam packets, so they expand around the enclosure creating a form-fitting cushion for maximum protection.

4. Add four packets of insta-foam to the corners to secure it and keep it from moving. This provides 360 degrees of protection, stabilizing the enclosure and removing motion within the box.

5. Seal the box with tape and prepare it for shipping.

6. Add required labels outside the box to notify the carrier of the fragile contents.

Systems with Nodes


1. Use one of our custom-made crates for systems with nodes.

2. Insert two foam strips to protect the system from the bottom of the crate during transportation.

3. Place the system with the nodes on top of the foam strips.

4. Place a sheet of bubble wrap on top.

5. Secure the system by nailing two narrow boards into the crate to keep the system in place. Add the remaining cables and supplies into the package.

6. Add required labels on the outside to notify the carrier of the fragile contents

thomastech : your one-stop solution for Data Center Hardware Procurement and Maintenance Needs

thomastech helps your Data Center reach its fullest potential in terms of productivity, performance and cost-efficiency. Being the top Third-party Maintenance provider, thomastech delivers next-gen Data Center Support. At the core of our Shipping Procedure is a combination of qualified hands, abundant cushioning (wherever applicable), quality packaging and wise shipping partnerships. Each product has a different packaging process, so you receive equipment in perfect working condition. We help you focus on keeping the Data moving within your Organization so that you can focus on your business better.

thomastech's unwavering commitment to quality, comprehensive solutions, and round-the-clock expertise transformed our Data Center journey." - John T.

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