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OEM Support VS Third Party Maintenance Amid the Covid-19 Pandemic: Which is Better?

As if life and business were not challenged enough during the global Coronavirus pandemic, the effort, time, and cost to maintain your IT equipment while protecting your staff have not decreased.  Perhaps in light of dwindling revenues and limited savings, one challenge is that you still rely entirely on a whole slew of different Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) representatives to provide support.

While enterprises and their network of clients develop, they acquire a broad range of IT equipment, including computers, peripherals, smartphones, and other tools, to sustain growth and expand market potential. In most instances, each piece of equipment is:

  • Manufactured by a different OEM
  • Assigned warranties with differing expiration dates
  • Serviced only by the OEMs' designated representatives

The result and reality of the situation? Your company invests considerable money, plus many interruptions, by relying on several OEM companies to perform an ongoing level of service. The better alternative is to consolidate all IT support services with a single third-party maintenance provider (TPM) that will oversee, monitor, maintain, update, and secure your IT assets with a single contract.

How to Save Money and Resources by Consolidating Your IT Maintenance with Proven Third-Party Maintenance Providers

  • Extend the Life of Your IT Assets and Equipment

As your warranty runs down, an OEM representative's primary motivation will be to encourage you to replace and upgrade your existing equipment or agree to an expensive extended service contract. Since this may occur after only three to five years while your equipment is functioning perfectly for your needs, you may assume that the equipment could remain productive for several more years with appropriate maintenance and upgrades.

  • Consolidate All IT Support Contracts and Operations with a Single TPM Company

Extending the useful life of your IT equipment is never an OEM's mission. However, making your equipment perform longer, better, and less expensively is the explicit mission of any third party maintenance company.

And, while extending the productive life of all your IT assets, a well-positioned global third-party support company will monitor and maintain all assets simultaneously. Relying on several OEMs for support places an unnecessary demand on your time and involves collectively much higher costs resulting from multiple contracts.

  • Reduce Exposure During the Covid-19 Pandemic

The ability to work with a single maintenance company for all IT assets reduces the number of technician visits to your operations to perform services and upgrades. With flexible options for scheduling and 24/7/365 support, especially during the Coronavirus Crisis, customers may request routine maintenance appointments at a time when the fewest employees and teams are present.

Many of the functions handled by your professional third-party maintenance company are managed remotely. Technicians will monitor your IT equipment's performance from their location and provide you with updates, even testing and correcting particular interference and bottlenecks and without a personal visit to your site.

Maintain Compatibility and Security within your Entire Network

The third-party maintenance company will strive to give you appropriate access to upgrades and security elements that will be compatible across your server and each IT asset.  Multiple OEM service representatives can make unilateral adjustments to their products that may not be the most efficient for the entire network.

The TPM company will view your network holistically, not as individual components, and provide you with the best long-term solutions.

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As an extended, closely connected component of your IT Team, thomastech will make sure your Data Center performs at peak performance levels regardless of any emergency, disruptions or challenges at-hand. Visit our website to learn more about the company's valued experience and knowledge, proven process, comprehensive services, capabilities and flexibility.

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