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Part of the job of IT Administrators is to incorporate an efficient IT Lifecycle Management for Assets such as Servers, Storage and Networking Equipment. In a study by Gartner, "How to reduce Network Maintenance Costs" every year, the Cost of Maintenance swallows up to 25% of the total IT Budget of the Enterprise. In the wake of opting for economical maintenance strategies to maximize Return on Investment (ROI), there has been a gradual shift from OEM to Third-party Manufacturer (TPM).

TPM is a Cost-effective alternative to conventional OEM services. TPM Services extend the Data Center's Longevity so that your Business does not face any turbulence. On the other hand, OEM is based on a Business Model focused on unnecessary Hardware Upgrades, Expensive Warranty and Post-warranty Services making it unprofitable.

Why TPM trumps OEM ?

When your Equipment is in Warranty, OEM covers most damages and malfunctions. However, it is a fact that most OEMs increase their Warranty Prices up by 15% per Annum.

Once the EOL/EOSL of your Equipment reaches its Termination, your Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Provider starts pushing new Equipment in the name of "Hardware Upgrade". Several reports on Data Center Equipment point out, that on average, Data Center Equipment can continue operating for at least 2 to 3 more years after expiry.

However, OEMs terminate all services for aged Equipment and make Hardware replacement mandatory. If you still choose to retain your Out-of-warranty Equipment, you will have to opt for Post-warranty Maintenance Contracts. The Cost of Post-warranty Services keeps increasing year-on-year. This increase makes you want to buy new equipment well before it can be rendered out-of-use.

According to several reports, if Data Centers were even 20% more efficient, savings could go up to $2 Billion. To maximize savings and efficiency, a Maintenance system that tackles the problems of wasteful IT expenditure has been on the rise,

Why is Third-party Maintenance Service better ?

The goal of an ideal Third-party Maintenance Provider is to optimize the performance of the Data Center while keeping the costs low. This is achieved by minimizing the chances of Malfunction, Breakdown and Maintenance Slowdowns of Equipment.

Increased Savings:

According to several reports on Data Center Maintenance, switching to Third-party Services enable your Organization to cut down on IT expenditure by up to 80%. TPM ensures that your functional Equipment continues to operate as you need with an easy and affordable maintenance cost structure. You can upgrade Technology as and when required and not according to the refresh cycles imposed by OEMs.

Long Lifecycle of Hardware:

Maximizing the longevity of your Equipment and providing sustainable solutions for your Assets are the primary goals of Third-party Providers. TPMs provide efficient EOSL Device Support, thereby keeping your Hardware functional so that the ROI for your Hardware is satisfactory.

One Contract for All:

Usually Organizations buy Equipment from multiple Manufacturers. Dealing with numerous Brand Equipment means juggling multiple OEM Contracts for each Brand since one OEM Provider only takes care of one Manufacturer. On the other hand, TPM Engineers can Maintain and Service numerous Brands. They are OEM and TPM Certified. Therefore, with the help of TPMs, every Agreement comes under One Contract only.

Choosing the right Third-party Maintenance Service Provider is critical. Here are some of the key elements to look for when selecting a TPM Provider.


When your IT Asset needs Maintenance, there is a need for Replacement Parts of that particular Equipment. Your TPM Provider must ensure the timely availability of those Parts. Due to the Supply Chain taking a massive blow during the Pandemic, the problem of the availability of Parts became more apparent. Therefore, choosing the TPM Provider who can provide you with the right tools is quintessential.


The TPM Engineers must be adept at handling Equipment from various Manufacturers. This requires a sound knowledge of IT Assets, Sharp Problem-solving Skills, an eye for Detail, and a keen interest in creating Customized Maintenance Plans for your Organization. They must also have the necessary Certifications of both OEM and TPM.

Performance History:

A trusted TPM should have a global reach and a track record of serving multiple Clients professionally and efficiently. How they have fared so far in the Data Center Ecosystem is crucial to know so that you can expect superior services. It is essential to know where they are based and the areas they have based served so that Communication, Parts and Service Delivery are not a problem.

Cutting down Expenditure:

There is an ever-growing need to cut down on Capital Expenditure (CapEx) to maintain Data Centers and Networking Equipment. While choosing the ideal TPM Provider, make sure that they provide you with Customized Solutions so that you can maximize your Savings and mitigate wasteful Expenditure.

Flexible SLAs:

Choose the TPM Provider tat offers you SLAs that sync with your demands and Maintenance Budget. Customized SLAs enable you to make sound decisions regarding your IT Expenditure, giving you more control in your Hands.

Beyond Terms and Conditions:

When any issue arises, your TPM Provider must make sure that it is addressed on an urgent basis. Sub minimum Service is not an option. An ideal TPM Provider must be IT Savvy to provide Industry-best Support. Choose a TPM Provider that can offer you remote monitoring capabilities, IT Asset Disposal (ITAD) Services, co-terming and other necessary best practices.

Why Thomastech stands out as a leading Third-party Maintenance Provider

Imagine what an optimized Data Center could do for you if you choose the right approach to maintaining your Data Center. Thomastech helps you materialize this outcome by providing you with best-in-class Third-party Services..

Thomastech has been going strong and serving clients globally since 2007. We are a group of Certified Professionals who understand your needs and create an IT ecosystem which helps you for the long haul. With Customer-first approach and skill in handling a range of Equipment, we offer you premium Third-party Hardware Maintenance Services and Virtual Assiatance 24/7/365..

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Takeaways from the Article

Choosing the Right Third-Party Maintenance Provider is Crucial

The article emphasizes the importance of carefully selecting a third-party maintenance provider to ensure that the hardware runs efficiently and the business operations are smooth.

Consider the Expertise and Experience

It’s essential to consider the expertise and experience of the third-party maintenance provider in handling and maintaining hardware assets effectively.

Look for Customized Support Plans

The article suggests looking for providers who offer customized support plans that cater to the specific needs and demands of the business.

Ensure the Provider Offers Comprehensive Support

A provider should offer comprehensive support, including remote support and on-site services, to address various hardware issues promptly.

Evaluate the Cost-Effectiveness

Assess whether the services provided by the third-party maintenance provider are cost-effective and provide value for money.

Reminder of the Post’s Main Point

The article underscores the necessity of meticulously selecting a third-party maintenance provider, considering various factors such as expertise, experience, customization, comprehensive support, and cost-effectiveness to ensure optimal hardware asset management.

Frequently asked questions

What should be considered when choosing a third-party maintenance provider?

Consider factors such as the provider’s expertise and experience, customization of support plans, comprehensive support offerings, and cost-effectiveness.

Why is expertise and experience important in a maintenance provider?

Expertise and experience ensure that the provider can handle and maintain hardware assets effectively and resolve issues promptly.

What kind of support plans should a maintenance provider offer?

A maintenance provider should offer customized support plans that cater to the specific needs and demands of the business.

What constitutes comprehensive support from a maintenance provider?

Comprehensive support includes a range of services such as remote support and on-site services to address various hardware issues.

How to evaluate the cost-effectiveness of a maintenance provider?

Evaluate whether the services offered provide value for money and assess the overall cost benefits of choosing a particular provider.

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