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The technology industry is experiencing a shift away from the traditional house data center model. Cloud service providers are offering increasingly useful and efficient products and services, making it easier to create amazing software. The cost savings associated with this evolution are appealing and likely to become even more attractive. Here are several key reasons to keep in-house networking for data centers up and running:


The cost of the newest technology will always be higher. Cloud services are the way to go if your job involves pushing the boundaries. But if your tasks are more mundane, you can save on costs by using servers that have been around for a few years.

Keep in mind that there might be some hidden costs. Older machines tend to fail more often. Will your work be able to handle those instances of downtime? Can your staff manage to fix the machines? If the answers to these questions are positive, it is often much cheaper to go with the non-trendy hardware.

The pandemic has also had far-reaching effects on the commercial real estate sector, leading to many businesses having more space than they need. If you own a building or have a lease that won't expire for a while, you could utilize the extra space to house a cloud computing setup. This could be a more cost-effective solution, as the real estate's low rental costs would offset the physical infrastructure cost.


Agreements nowadays are far from unchangeable. It's common for them to lack even a physical form. When difficulties arise, businesses often quickly state that certain parts of the Terms of Service have been breached without supplying specific details.

It's normal to encounter tales of misfortune from companies and developers who suddenly receive a 'Dear John' communication from their service provider. Sometimes, the provider doesn't even bother to write: their services simply cease functioning.


Cloud services are like living in a neighborhood. You need to be aware of your neighbors and make sure that you get along with them. While avoiding malicious attacks isn’t always possible, teams can take some steps to protect your data.

The company should also ensure that its customers have the right to privacy and security, which is easier with in-house networking for data centers.


Cloud computing is a great way for companies to access data and services from anywhere in the world. However, keeping servers on-site may be more efficient if all of a company's employees work in the same physical location. Local servers are typically faster than cloud-based servers located farther away and may require additional latency and bandwidth to access.


Many people appreciate the cloud for the convenience it provides. Using the cloud means you don’t have to worry about maintaining the hardware, software, and other resources needed to keep your system running. Instead, the cloud handles the work, freeing you from all the troubles of running the systems.

However, sometimes it can be more comforting to have full control over a task and not rely on a cloud vendor. If a task is important to you, it may be better for you to take full responsibility for it yourself and be sure things are done exactly as you intended.


Considering speed alone, in-house data centers are already viable for companies handling sensitive data. Every department and team can access servers and tasks without relying on an offshore provider. Add in the more affordable costs, convenient management, protection, and technicalities, and it’s even more appealing. Yes, the Cloud epitomizes convenience, but if you want a handle on things, keeping that local data center up and running is the best way.

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