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Reasons to Move Hitachi VSP G1000 and G1500 to Third-Party Storage Maintenance

Eventually, any piece of IT hardware will reach a point when the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) will abandon those models in favor of selling their “new and improved” versions. While this obsolescence is a regular occurrence in the IT industry, some clients may still be using these models productively while the manufacturer eliminates maintenance and support. Suspending service late in the equipment’s life cycle is standard procedure among manufacturers, viewed as a compelling strategy to entice customers to invest in their new models.

In December 2020, Hitachi issued an end-of-service announcement for their VSP G1000 and G1500 platforms, discontinuing support for their server, storage, and network hardware.

Besides burning up a great deal of precious capital needed for other revenue-producing investments, what are the options for a company still using a service-discontinued platform?

While the Hitachi announcement sounds like a troubling event or transition, the situation does present a fresh opportunity for the user company that can evolve into a beneficial money-saving opportunity with a third-party IT maintenance (TPM) provider.

What is a Third-Party IT Maintenance Company?

In recent years, end-of-service notifications have become very commonplace in the IT industry. Furthermore, most growing companies cannot afford an extensive, dedicated in-house IT Department to manage all server, hardware, storage, and routine maintenance issues.

When an OEM drops the responsibility for servicing their equipment, what alternative will an Operations or business manager have when this happens?

Professional third-party companies characterized by a staff of highly skilled and versatile technicians working with customized service agreements have grown dramatically in recent years.

When companies like Hitachi and others choose to suspend service and maintenance for their aging equipment, third-party maintenance companies like thomastech can provide the needed professional support to extend the life of the assets, postponing the need to invest in newer equipment will add substantial cost, perhaps without any significant value added to your business.

Smaller companies and even larger enterprises with global representation can benefit from a third-party maintenance provider’s services.

Objectives of Your Third-Party Maintenance Provider

Third-party maintenance companies maintain objectives that are much more in sync with their client’s goals than with the OEM’s. For example, a proven TPM focuses on:

  • Extending the life of your entire IT system assets with custom-tailored and economical ongoing service.
  • Providing real-time monitoring and troubleshooting service for all brands of equipment.
  • Making sure your data is safely backed up and instantly restorable in case of interruptions.
  • Installing essential updates and security protection to keep your systems running smoothly without any data breaches or cyber invasions.
  • Developing a partnering relationship with customized services to protect and maintain all your IT assets and to enhance your service quality. Having one company focus holistically on all equipment from multiple OEMs fosters network compatibility and reduces the time and money spent dealing with multiple service contracts and technician visits. 

Contact thomastech, the Right Choice as your Global Third-Party IT Maintenance Provider

The professionals at thomastech work with companies of every size and type, with many of these having multiple locations and operations to manage.

Focused on keeping IT assets performing at their peak well after the OEM begins to push their “latest and greatest,” the thomastech team works closely with their clients to optimize productivity while keeping costs down.

As a global force experienced in working with all data center servers and hardware, the thomastech experts provide a 24/7 Customer Portal to respond to emergencies and troubleshooting issues.

Experienced in servicing and supplying parts for Hitachi Enterprise Hardware, thomastech also maintains IBM, Dell, EMC, HPE, and other systems.

Learn more about the People, Processes, Products, and Services offered by thomastech, as well as our technology solutions, by visiting our website at

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