Reasons to Move Hitachi VSP G1000 and G1500 to Third-Party Storage Maintenance

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Data Storage is a quintessential component of an Organization. The Hitachi VSP G1000 and G1500 ensure Efficient Storage, Organization and Data Access. According to a Report published by Hitachi, the VSP G1000 and G1500 Systems are capable of -

1. Virtualizing Industry leading 100+ types of Storage

2. Leveraging powerful SVOS Feature sets across all Storage, levelling the capabilities of external Third-party Storage.

3. Centralizing Day-to-day Administration with a single Management view.

Combined with a robust set of Data Management functions, these features enable Organizations to build an IT Infrastructure that is flash accelerated and software defined. In short, Hitachi Virtual Storage Platforms (VSP) G1000 and G1500 are high performance and high capacity Storage systems which deliver scalability and flexible connectivity.

Given the numerous benefits of such Equipment, it becomes all the more vital to keep them operational and upgraded to avoid any turbulence in Data Center functioning. In the wake of current Pandemic, the biggest lesson that the Data Centers have incorporated into their IT ecosystem is that the Maintenance of Assets should be flexible and agile. It is essential to keep these systems functional and upgraded to avoid delays and keep your Data Center's operability optimum. Infrastructure and Operations (I&O) Leaders constantly look for better, faster and more Cost-effective alternatives to the current Maintenance System. While OEM Service is the conventional and presumably safer Maintenance option, new solutions are emerging to eliminate wasteful IT expenditure resulting from OEM Services.

Understanding EOL and EOSL for your VSP

It is essential to know how EOL and EOSL work to understand Equipment Maintenance. End-of-Life (EOL) denotes the expiry of your Hardware by Manufacturers. This date indicates that Hitachi will stop Manufacturing G1000 and G1500 and begin Manufacturing and selling Next-gen Storage Hardware. End-of-Service-Life (EOSL) denotes when the Manufacturer will discontinue all Hardware Support and Maitenance Services..

The End-of-Service-Life (EOSL) of G1000, as announced by Hitachi, is June 30, 2022. the EOSL Date of G1500 is September 30, 2025. Hitachi also announced the withdrawal of their VSP G1500 from the Market. Before your Equipment is rendered out of the Market by Hitachi, you can choose to go for their comprehensive Post-warranty Services. However, these Services are expensive and serve for a limited time only. The EOL and EOSL announcements are your cue to switch to a trusted Third-party Storage Maintenance Service Provider. Doing so will enable you to extend the Lifecycle of your Equipment and truly maximize the their Return on Investment (ROI)

Winning Strategy for Maintenance of Hitachi VSP G1000 and G1500 : Third-party IT Maintenance

A Third-party Maintenance Company employs Engineers who are adept in handling and servicing your Data Center Equipment. TPMs provide Warranty and Post-warranty Services to improve the longevity of your Equipment. They keep your Equipment functional so that your Return on Investment (ROI) on Hitachi VSPs is high.

When Companies like Hitachi choose to suspend Service and Maintenance for their ageing Equipment, Third-party Maintenance Companies like Thomastech can provide the needed professional support to extend the life of the Assets.

Your Option after the Announcement of EOL/EOSL of Hitachi VSPs : OEMs vs TPMs

OEMs like Hitachi are focused on technological advancements instead of maintaining aged Equipment. While this might be a step towards innovation, it weighs heavy on your IT Asset Management Budget.

Once the EOL/EOSL of your Hitachi VSP is right around the corner, OEMs will necessitate replacing it with new Storage Equipment. By rendering your older Equipment out of market and unserviceable, you will be left with few options : replacing already functioning Hitachi VSPs or paying for expensive Post-warranty Services.

IT Administrators are constantly looking for ways to cut down on IT Expenditure. According to many reports on Data Center, your Equipment can stay functional for up to 3 years after its prescribed expiry date. Replacement of Equipment already in good condition results in apparent wasteful spending. Therefore, going for Post-warranty Services is your best bet.

However, te Post-warranty Services of OEMs are too expensiveand serve you for a limited time only. OEMs limit your options, and eventually, you indulge in unnecessary upgrade expenditures. Increasing Hardware Maintenance Costs and frustrating Hardware Replacements of Functional Assets were some of the driving forces behind developing Third-party Maintenance (TPM) Services.

Advantages of Third-party Maintenance are :

  1. TPMs extend the Lifecycle of of your IT Assets by timely providing Repair Parts and Servicing. The ROI of your Storage Equipment like Hitachi VSPs increase sharply with meaningful Asset Enhancements and affordable Post-warranty EOL and EOSL Services. Saving on overall Data Center Management can go up to 70% compared to OEM Services.
  2. They offer Extended Coverage Plans to maximize the longevity of Equipment's Lifecycle.
  3. They provide Real time Monitoring and Troubleshooting Service for all Brands of Equipment.
  4. They ensure your Data is safely backed up and instantly restorable in case of interruptions.
  5. They install Essential Updates and Security Protection o protect your Data Center Equipment against Data Breaches or Cyber Invasions.
  6. OEMs are limited to repairing and taking care of just one Brand, their own. On the other hand, TPM Engineers can service several types of Equipment from several Brands.
  7. If you use Multiple Brand Equipment, you will have to juggle various Contracts. Switching to TPMs reduces the hassle of maintaining numerous contracts since every Service Agreement comes under a singular Contract.

Thomastech : A Reliable Third-party Data Center Maintenance Provider

Thomastech is a network Third-party IT Maintenance Provider with a proven track record of serving clients globally. At Thomastech, we provide an IT Asset Management System that helps you magnify your Efficiency and Downsize Costs. Our highly Qualified and Seasoned Industry Experts help you bridge the gap between efficient Data Center Maintenance Expenditure and a high performing IT ecosystem. We are focused on keeping IT Assets such as Hitachi VSPs operational well after their expiration. So, when OEMs begin to push their "latest and better" Equipment, consider switching to Thomastech Third-party Hardware Support Services. We cater to your Data Center's Hardware and Support Requirements and create an ecosystem wherein high performance takes the front seat. We provide excellent customer service with lucrative solutions since our primary target is customer satisfaction, not sales.

You may arrange an appointment to discuss your specific needs or address any questions you have by completing the brief information form on the website or by calling us at  +1 (330) 225-3117.

thomastech's unwavering commitment to quality, comprehensive solutions, and round-the-clock expertise transformed our Data Center journey." - John T.

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