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Technology Refreshes vs Hardware Upgrades - Which option is right for you?

As companies and businesses evolve, information technology and communication options and requirements grow. Eventually, IT administrators are responsible for overseeing a broad inventory of computers and their peripherals, smartphones, and other equipment, each with different warranty expirations and OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) maintenance contracts.

While managing all these and keeping them operational and up-to-date is challenging enough, at a certain point, those administrators face the difficult decision of when to replace each component.

As with anything else, eventually, the administrator must weigh the cost of maintaining and upgrading their equipment against the full replacement cost.

Objectives of the OEM

Equipment manufacturers and marketers make their living almost exclusively from selling new equipment. Their commitment to keeping you from experiencing business interruptions and repairs begins to amplify more aggressively as your current equipment warranty period ends or that extended maintenance contract expires.

Perhaps you may wonder why replacing well-performing IT equipment that meets your current needs is a good idea. And since you are working within a budget to support the enterprise IT demands, new equipment or a system “refresh” before it is needed can seem excessive and very expensive.

The Difference of Working with a Professional Third-Party IT Maintenance Company

With ongoing maintenance and timely upgrades, essential servers can perform for many years beyond their warranty expirations. A proven full-service third party maintenance company will:

  • Evaluate your system capabilities continually against your organization’s needs
  • Provide ongoing maintenance for all equipment
  • Offer 24-hour monitoring
  • Implement upgrades to stay current and keep pace with projected growth
  • Maintain and access data backup in case of natural disaster or other interruptions

When is a Refresh or New Equipment Purchase Needed?

Eventually, IT equipment and critical servers are longer capable of performing up to the required levels, even with continual upgrades. Of course, newer versions can add considerably more capacity and new capabilities that your older model may not handle. Your third-party maintenance representative will test your existing equipment capability to ensure slowdowns do not become a problem and advise when replacements are necessary.

When Do Hardware Upgrades Make Sense?

A four-to-five-year useful life for your IT equipment is no longer considered the norm. Professional third-party maintenance can double the effective life of your data systems by using multiple strategies to extend their functionality. Global providers like thomastech recognize that an economical and timely hardware upgrade will forestall problems and keep your equipment running smoother, longer, and more economically.

Continual evaluations of processing capability, operating speeds, load limits, and more will indicate your IT system’s real-time performance. Skilled technicians will perform timely evaluations and install seamless, invisible upgrades that keep the equipment operating like new.

In any case, growing companies require ongoing hardware upgrades to:

  • Keep pace with rapid growth and traffic
  • Provide greater bandwidth
  • Increased storage
  • Enhances protection from malware and cyberattacks

Contact thomastech to Extend the Life of Your Existing Hardware

Replacing or “refreshing” your IT equipment or hardware each time your OEM warranty or service contract expires can be an expensive, unnecessary activity. As you watch the time winding down on the OEM’s support, contact a proven third party maintenance company whose mission matches your own: i.e., extending the life of your assets, systems and servers.

Following a thorough evaluation of your enterprise needs and growth projections, the professionals at thomastech will carefully test and monitor your current IT assets’ performance levels. Immediate upgrades will enhance the system’s overall performance and security as needed.

For more information about extending your IT equipment’s working life and reliability, contact thomastech, a cutting edge IT support company, for your confidential consultation. The thomastech professionals are experienced at solving a broad range of IT challenges and risks in various industries, saving you time, money and resources.

To schedule your meeting and evaluation for your business, visit our website or call our office at 1-888-838-8796.

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