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The Advantages of Third-Party Maintenance

As a growing enterprise, you are dependent on accurate and timely information to manage clients, inventories, communications, and employee matters. Your IT system must always run smoothly and securely, without interruption, while staying current with all business-enhancing innovations.

Some larger companies depend on an Information Technology Departments staffed with a full complement of skilled technicians assigned to be ready to respond to system failures, security issues, and communication breakdowns. While this strategy may work for those outsized enterprises, maintaining a trained staff of IT professionals presents an insurmountable financial burden for most businesses.

What About the Support and Coverage Provided by the Original Manufacturer?

While under warranty, your original equipment manufacturers (OEM) are expected to provide support to keep their equipment running smoothly. Since maintenance is not their primary objective, service emergencies can often take a backseat to other clients or sales activities.

Also, when you have several types of IT equipment from different manufacturers, as most companies do, you may be struggling to manage many multiple OEM contracts and warranties.

It’s important to mention that selling new equipment is what keeps the OEMs running; so, keeping your older equipment functioning is not their priority. Rather than extend a service contract, OEM representatives will pressure you to buy a new replacement.

The Benefits of Partnering with a Qualified Third-Party Maintenance Company

Suppose you reach a point in which your existing equipment is working well, but your OEM maintenance contract runs out. While your OEM representative will begin to pitch new and expensive equipment, it’s your hope to allocate your resources to more productive endeavors, such as product rollouts, sales, customer service, marketing, and other efforts contributing to top and bottom-line growth.

A third-party IT maintenance company (TPM) can offer you a tailored, 24-hour program that keeps your systems running smoothly and securely, without the expense of in-house support professionals.

Here are only some of the advantages to choosing a professional outside company to maintain and monitor your IT systems:

  • Tailored IT Services Programs: Save Time and Money

Pay only for the services you need.

Your third-party IT maintenance company will consult, review, and evaluate your systems to determine which services you should have. The TPM company's goals will be to:

  • Help extend the useful life of your equipment
  • Keep your system updated
  • Fortify network security
  • Provide scheduled and emergency maintenance and updates
  • Ensure redundancy with retrievable data backup capability
  • Oversee and monitor your systems remotely

Staffed with proven IT experts experienced in each phase of IT support, plus the latest in IT resources, TPM evaluators will collaborate with you to determine the menu of services that best fit your needs. Through 24-hour remote monitoring, plus ongoing scheduled maintenance, you will be able to avoid interruptions to your service, while having a trusted resource in case of emergency or natural disaster.

As your enterprise grows, you will be able to add and consolidate services as needed.

  • Reduce the Number of Maintenance Contracts

By consolidating all of your IT maintenance services for computers, phones, printers, and much more with a single top-quality outside service provider, you will avoid the hassles of trying to reach different contractors for each problem that may arise. Your third-party maintenance company will respond to each issue when they occur and for any equipment you may have.

Also, choosing a global support entity like thomastech will provide you with utmost confidence that your IT assets will be working properly and kept secure anywhere at any time.

  • Transparency and Availability

Treat your full-service third-party maintenance partner as your IT Department. With a confidential service contract, the provider will ensure your system's security and functionality while maintaining open, ongoing communication.

All-day, every day, throughout the year, your third-party maintenance provider will be available for routine and urgent IT matters and requests.

Contact thomastech to be your trusted Third-Party Maintenance Provider

For experienced and highly qualified IT support, contact the professionals at thomastech, a worldwide third-party IT maintenance provider. A global company headquartered in Medina, OH, thomastech will provide you with the state-of-the-art professional services to help you control your IT costs in a secure and highly supportive environment.

For more information about the people, processes, and services of thomastech’s IT support, visit our website at Complete the brief Contact form, and one of our associates will be pleased to contact you for a confidential consultation regarding your IT needs.

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