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The Definitive Guide to Third Party Maintenance

Most knowledgeable IT specialists are aware of the growing importance of professional Third-Party Maintenance (TPM) companies. However, they may not be mindful of many value-creating services provided by these enterprises.

Third-Party Maintenance is a hardware support option designed to extend the life of your IT hardware and more. Independent of any Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), a proven TPM company provides professional and technical support for all servers, network equipment, storage, and all other IT system elements.

What is the Mission of Third-Party Maintenance?

The mission of partnering service providers like thomastech is precisely the opposite of the objective of any OEM. Any manufacturer's primary goal is to replace existing equipment as soon as possible, usually well before the performance begins to fade.

Alternatively, a TPM's goal is to prolong each piece of equipment's effective life through economical maintenance programs, upgrades, and customized service programs. In many instances, your TPM can double the useful life of IT assets without diminishing productivity at all.

A global leader in TPM will provide customized service designed to:

  • Serve as your "in-house" IT Department
  • Substantially extend the productive life of your IT hardware.
  • Design Cloud-based system redundancy to avoid permanent loss of critical information, enabling your company to remain fully operational even following a severe natural disaster.
  • Establish an ongoing routine inspection and maintenance program.
  • Provide 24-hour monitoring and problem responses.
  • Protect your system against cyber threats and security breaches.
  • Implement an ITAD (IT Asset Disposal) program to dispose of your outdated equipment.
  • Oversee global assets and ensure uniform security throughout the network.

Economics and Benefits of TPM vs. OEM Support for your Business or Organization

The substantial savings from utilizing a customized TPM plan can be measured in less expensive ongoing service and maintenance, the time wasted in managing multiple OEM service contracts, and the reduction of your company's long-term IT expenditure.

  • Service and Hardware Maintenance Contracts

Original equipment manufacturers begin trying to sell new equipment before the expiration of each unit's warranty. Their alternative is to offer an expensive service contract for no more than 12 months, subject to renewal at an even higher cost.

However, your professional TPM will collaborate with you to create a customized, longer-term maintenance contract covering all equipment and provides routine maintenance, upgrades, security elements, and server backup for all IT equipment.

  • Time and Attention Interference

Like most businesses, your organization may have accumulated a broad array of IT equipment from the broad spectrum of OEMs. Each piece of equipment will have different technicians to schedule and service, varying warranty expirations, and a pile of service contracts. The time and confusion related to these issues rather than focusing on your company's revenue-generating activities can be costly.

Your partner third-party maintenance provider will simplify your life, save you money and maintenance costs, improve your approach to security, and keep your team focused on enhancing your product quality and customer relations.

Reducing Your Long-Term IT Investment

While most managers understand the value of high-performance IT systems for enhancing productivity, managing a wide range of employees and assets, improving communications, and fostering accurate, real-time decision making, spending too much on IT equipment and maintenance can bankrupt a growing company. Computers and peripheral equipment should not require frequent replacement if they are maintained and appropriately upgraded.

Consider how much capital is preserved if the life of all IT assets were doubled without negatively impacting performance and efficiency?  For a medium-sized and growing company, the savings can make a significant difference in the growth rate or even the enterprise's survival.

For a smaller start-up company, redirecting capital saved by partnering with a high-performance TPM can substantially enhance your growth rate and performance in the industry. 

Which Range of Services are Offered in TPM?

The services for clients depend on individual needs and processes. These may include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Cost Optimization Strategies: These include low-cost, ongoing maintenance with highly qualified technicians and OEM replacement parts.
  • Online and Phone Support: Technicians are always available for online support and troubleshooting for your enterprise.
  • Continual Online Monitoring and Updates: Experts will monitor systems 24/7, often discovering slowdowns and glitches before the client does.
  • Onsite Regular Maintenance: A technician will come to your facility to inspect and update all systems in one visit, if preferred, thereby reducing interruption.
  • OS Support and Upgrades: The TPM expert will anticipate the need for life-extending upgrades and perform installations seamlessly.

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