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When it comes to managing your data center and IT infrastructure, choosing the right maintenance provider can be a game-changer. A popular option to consider is Third-Party Maintenance (TPM) services. TPM providers offer cost-effective support and extend the life of your hardware, saving you both time and money. Learn more about the advantages of TPM, the types of providers available, and how to choose the best TPM provider for your organization in this comprehensive article.

IT Hardware Maintenance includes making a sound decision about Hardware Management in a cutting-edge Technological Environment. It would be best to consider several factors before choosing the right Hardware Maintenance Strategy for your Organization.

As a Hardware Administrator and a Business Owner, you must have encountered the Question : Who should support or maintain the IT Infrastructure of your Organization. The answer : Third-party Maintenance (TPM). TPM is a leading Maintenance Strategy of that has been opted by several Enterprises. The results have been nothing short of satisfactory. Saving on Data Asset Management can go up to 75%, if you include TPM in your Hardware Lifecycle Management. TPM trumps other Equipment Manufacturers (OEM), especially when it comes to Post-warranty Maintenance of Hardware.

Being independent of OEM Services, TPM offers superior Maintenance Strategies for Server, Storage and Network Equipment Maintenance. You can opt for a hybrid model that includes both OEM and TPM Services. With TPM, you can get Customized Services and On-demand Attention. TPM provides Multiple Equipment Maintenance and Flexible Solutions. TPM Providers offer Online Technical Support, On-site Engineering Assistance, Remote Monitoring and Cost-effective Solutions. These Services and more help you get precise assistance for your Hardware problems. Utilizing TPM to improve Profit Margins and reduce Overhead Costs can significantly maximize your Savings on the IT Budget.

Network Third-party Hardware Maintenance Services : A Winning Strategy in Hardware Maintenance

Where Traditional OEM Services fail, TPM delivers. TPM Services emerged as a Solution to Cost-pressures and Refresh Cycle Rushes of OEMs. It is essential to know why TPM is better alternative to OEMs and how it can boost your Data Center's Efficiency.

Longer Equipment Efficiency

When OEMs announce the expiration of your Hardware, they offer Replacement of that Equipment with "Upgraded" ones. OEMs stop Manufacturing and Servicing that Equipment, making it hard for you to retain it. OEMs necessitate replacing your Aged Equipment with new ones even when your old Equipment is running optimally. TPM eliminates this problem of replacing Functional Equipment by providing Post-warranty Support for your Current Equipment. They cover Maintenance, Spare Parts Delivery and keep your Hardware functional even if it has been rendered unusable by OEMs. TPMs help retain the operability of Old Equipment in an updated IT ecosystem and provide updates with new Generations of Software wherever possible. Therefore, they increase the Lifecycle of your Data Center Equipment.


When your Equipment crosses the End-of-Sale (EOS) and/or End-of-Life (EOL) Dates, OEMs may also provide Post-warranty Services. While you might think that opting for these Services can help you retain the Ageing Equipment, the annual increase in Maintenance Cost Structure weighs down on your IT Budget. According to numerous studies conducted on Data Center, your Equipment can remain in Service for up to two / three years or even beyond. With TPMs, you get Affordable Post-warranty Services that increase your Investment Return for that Equipment. With TPM Services to back your Equipment, you get more control over your IT Infrastructure's Expenditure, and you save more.

Superior Service

TPM Service Providers readily address various IT Issues online or via phone, setting them apart from Conventional OEM Services. These Services can include Virus removal, Troubleshooting, Firewall Protection, System Upgrades etc. TPM Services can save your IT Maintenance Spending and provide a timely solution with fast online assistance. With quick, customizable and efficient Solutions, you can upgrade Technology according to your needs instead of refreshing the cycles of Maintenance Providers. Remote Monitoring Services provided by TPM offer critical insights into the Safety of your Asset Management System by delivering Alarms against Data Breaches. TPM Engineers have both OEM and TPM Certifications. In addition, they are skilled in maintaining Equipment from Multiple Manufacturers, unlike OEMs, who only cater to one Manufacturer. So, if you have Equipment of numerous Brands, switching to a Third-party Maintenance Provider can help you cover the Maintenance of the entire IT Infrastructure with a single Contract.

How to Choose the Right Third-party Maintenance Service Provider ?

Before you narrow down to an ideal Third-party Maintenance Provider, you must keep the following key elements in mind.

  1. Proven Track Record : An Ideal TPM Provider must have a Performance History of serving Global Clients professionally and efficiently. It is essential to know how they have performed so far in the Data Center Ecosystem to know you can expect superior Services. It is also vital to know where they are based and the areas they serve to make the Delivery of Hardware Parts and other Services uncomplicated.
  2. Experienced Engineers : The Engineers of TPM must have the expertise to deal with a variety of Equipment. They should have all the necessary Certifications to carry out the same. In addition to Certifications, they must provide Effective Data Center Support Solutions, a sound Knowledge of IT Assets, sharp Problem-solving Skills and a keen interest in creating Customized Maintenance Plans for your Organization.
  3. Excellent Customer Service : TPM Providers must ensure the timely availability of those Parts. When any Issue arises, your TPM Provider must make sure that they address it on an urgent basis. They should also provide Customized SLAs so that the Terms and Conditions of Maintenance are in sync with your needs. An ideal Third-party Maintenance Provider should also offer Remote Monitoring Capabilities, IT Asset Disposal (ITAD) Services, Co-terming and other best practices.

Thomastech : Your Ideal Network Third-party Hardware Maintenance Service Provider

According to a Report by Data Center Dynamics, if Data Centers were even 20% more efficient, Savings on Maintenance could go up to $2 Billion. We enable Data Centers to realize this outcome by providing efficient Third-party Maintenance Services. We are a group of seasoned Professionals who understand your needs from a Third-party Data Center Service. Having served Global Clients since 2007, we create an IT Ecosystem tat is Functional, Optimized and serves you for the long haul. With an Affordable Cost Structure and Systemized Management of a range of Equipment, we offer you Premium Third-party Hardware Maintenance Services and Virtual Assistance 24/7/365.

Visit the website to learn more about our company's extensive and on-demand services, offerings, people, and process. To contact us or book a meeting in the immediate future, complete the brief information form or call us at (330) 225-3111.

thomastech's unwavering commitment to quality, comprehensive solutions, and round-the-clock expertise transformed our Data Center journey." - John T.

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