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Conventional ways of Data Center Maintenance involve other Equipment Manufacturer Support (OEM). However, dependence on OEMs for Data Center Maintenenance has gradually declined. On the other hand, Third-party Maintenance  Services are on the rise, with a 25% Market Share in IT Maintenance in 2020 alone. This figure has been increasing ever since for all the right reasons. TPM Services have delivered cost-effective and customizable solutions in the IT Ecosystem. Your Data Center's ROI shoots up as TPMs bring more value to your Business.

But what sets TPMs apart from OEM Services, and how is it better ? It is crucial to address these Questions if you're planning on making a switch. We bring five advantages of Third-party Maintenance Support over Traditional OEM Services.

  1. More Savings : OEMs do provide Post-warranty Services as well. However, the price of these Services shows an annual increase of at least 15%. If you begin to weigh your options, you conclude that replacing Old Equipment with a New one is a better Data Center Maintenance Strategy. However, TPM makes things more accessible by providing affordable Post-warranty Services. The Maintenance Cost of your Data Center Hardware is reduced by at least 65 to 70% compared to OEM Maintenance Cost. Going for Third-party Maintenance Support ensures that you upgrade Hardware only when necessary and not when OEMs necessitate it.
  2. Longer IT Lifecycle : The Termination of EOL/EOSL marks the period when OEMs render your Equipment Out-of-the-market and unserviceable. OEMs mandate replacing aged Equipment with "faster" and "better" Equipment. If you have ever previously dealt with Hardware upgradation by OEMs, you understand just how pointless it is. According to multiple reports on the Data Center, your Equipment can function optimally for at least 3 to 4 more years. However, OEMs render expired equipment Out-of-market and unserviceable. Thus, you are forced to buy new equipment regardless of whether your aged equipment can still deliver the optimum performance or not. Third-party Hardware Maintenance Provider, on the other hand, ensures the longevity of your equipment life for as long as possible. Once you switch to Third-party Maintenance Support offered by thomastech, you can expect an extension of Hardware life by 5-7 years. By prolonging the life of existing equipment, you can postpone expensive hardware upgrades until a replacement is necessary.
  3. One Contract for Everything : Most Organizations employ a diverse blend of Equipment in their Data Center. This often looks like using different brand equipment for each Storage, Service and Networking Operations. This inconsistency in Equipment Distribution leads to Maintenance fees building up yearly. To add to the hassle, enterprises contemplate which OEM to seek when there is a Data Center crisis. With no accountability for malfunctions, OEMs start blaming each other instead of solving problems. On the other hand, thomastech Third-party Maintenance Support eliminates the hassle of maintaining multiple Service Agreements by offering Co-term Support. Seasoned TPM Engineers are experts in maintaining equipment from various Brands. Therefore, one TPM Provider is sufficient for your DAta Center Maintenance needs. TPMs ensure all the terms and conditions of Maintenance come under a single contract, regardless of varying Warranty periods of your Equipment.
  4. Timely Availability of Spare Parts : Certified TPM Professionals provide Next Business Day (NBD) Parts and On-site Spare Kits. With the timely availability of Hardware Spare parts, you can ensure that you get the solution to all Hardware problems promptly. This also ensures that you will not be required to make unnecessary expenditures. thomastech offers highly efficient Post-warranty Services wit NBD guaranteeing all types of Hardware. With OEM, you will have to ship Replacement Parts from their Warehouse, which is usually located in a different Country than yours. TPM Providers employ small Warehouses, ensuring that the Client receives Hardware Parts from the nearest Outlet. Therefore, TPMs can address System Malfunctions and Repairs swiftly and efficiently.
  5. Superior Service : OEMs primary agenda is Technological Innovation instead of extending the Operability of aged Equipment. Therefore, the Business Model of OEM relies on selling the "latest" and "greatest" equipment that they have to offer. However, this primarily involves unnecessary Hardware Upgradation and decreases the Data Center's ROI. TPMs eliminate such wasteful IT expenditure. TPMs focus on providing affordable Maintenance, Warranty and Post-warranty Services instead of robbing you blind. Since keeping existing Equipment functional is their main aim, their response time is much faster than OEMs. A Professional Third-party Maintenance Company such as thomastech provides flexible SLAs so that you receive the precise service you paid for.

Network Third-party Hardware Maintenance Provider : thomastech

Thomastech ensures that you invest your resources strategically in IT Management with no scope of wasteful expenditure in Data Center Maintenance. We focus on providing Cost-effective Maintenance Strategies that work for you. thomastech empowers your Business and helps increase efficiency without burning a hole in your pocket. To save Money, avoid Interruptions, and keep your Data Secure, partner with our adept team of Professionals and manage your Hardware and IT resources efficiently.

Visit the thomastech website to learn more about how our Engineers improve your DAta Management, Reduce Costs and create a more Efficient and Secure Environment.

thomastech's unwavering commitment to quality, comprehensive solutions, and round-the-clock expertise transformed our Data Center journey." - John T.

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