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Why is third-party maintenance better for business

Why is third-party maintenance better for business? Survival in a competitive business environment demands that you utilize all available resources as efficiently as possible. Wasting or misapplying assets can result in a setback from which recovery may be difficult or impossible.

As entrepreneurs and businesses engaged in the early stages of business development or wishing to grow to the next level, you cannot afford to waste money on in-house IT functions that you can outsource more efficiently and effectively.

Third-party IT Maintenance is an essential external resource that can provide you with professional, round-the-clock, real-time IT support while protecting you from the risks of sudden computer crashes, natural disaster interruptions, and, very importantly, harmful intrusion from cyberattacks, viruses, and malware.

Outsourcing your hardware server, storage, and maintenance support to a proven third party maintenance provider will reduce your IT expenditure, eliminate potential disruption, and provide you with the peace of mind that allows you to focus your energy and capital on improving products and services while strengthening your customer relations.

How Third-Party Maintenance (TPM) Creates Value for Businesses

As a business owner or manager, you have two options for handling your information needs.

  1. Depending on the scale of your enterprise, you can employ in-house specialists to design, purchase, and maintain your entire information and communications systems. Even for a start-up, you can easily spend hundreds of thousands of dollars per year in compensation and benefits, in addition to cost of expensive hardware and software.
  2. Pay only for what you need at any stage of your company’s development by working with an proven, multi-service third-party maintenance (TPM) provider. Your TPM partner is equipped with the skills and hardware to manage and protect your information, train your employees, provide 24-hour monitoring and emergency response, and more. 

Working with OEMs vs. a Third-Party Maintenance Provider

As companies grow and evolve, their IT needs change. More equipment and software mean additional cost, maintenance, and repair services. Companies that rely only on the expertise of their OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) can easily find themselves burdened with multiple suppliers and recurring interruptions while attempting to resolve system issues.

Partnering with a proven TPM company, outsourced systems are scalable, secure, and customized. As your business expands in size or geography, the TPM can adapt the system to accommodate, while your hardware maintenance activities will be managed primarily off-site, seamlessly, without disruption of normal activities.

And, your third-party maintenance partner can ensure your data is safely stored and backed up offsite. In the event of a natural or other disaster, your TPM can recover all data quickly, keeping your business operating while your competition may be severely impacted.

Having Experts Always Available

The TPM professionals will create a platform that is customozed to your company needs. They will employ a team of dedicated specialists whose talents bridge all the disciplines of IT management.

At any time, 24-hours per day, you and your associates will have trained professional support available to help you with questions, instruction, information recovery, and hardware maintenance and repair issues.

On the other hand, if you happen to be relying on the support of the various OEMs to provide the same support, you will always experience delays while you wait until someone can schedule a visit to your site.

Scalable and Customized

As your business grows, your third-party maintenance provider can add capacity as needed. You will not be faced with burdensome hardware and staffing additions to manage new business. The TPM system will adapt seamlessly to added demand, and your business can expand without interruption.

Servicing Your Systems

While many of the support functions provided by the TPM will be handled remotely, your trained TPM Specialist will conduct regular onsite maintenance and replacement on all platforms without disrupting your company’s routine.

And, if your business employs staffing at other locations, the TPM company will ensure your field representatives are equipped with compatible remote devices.

Contact a Proven Third-Party Maintenance Provider

To save money, avoid interruptions, and keep your data secure, partner with an external team of professionals to manage your IT needs.

Growing businesses cannot afford to be distracted by the disruptions and unnecessary expense resulting from poorly developed and ill-matched information systems.

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