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Third-Party Maintenance Providers: What They Are and Why You Need One

Suppose your company is reaching a point when the warranties on some of your IT equipment are expiring. Your original equipment manufacturer (OEM) representative may even have begun pressuring you to purchase a newer version even though the equipment seems to be operating perfectly.

The OEM will want you to know that your only alternative to buying new equipment may be an expensive service level agreement (SLA) to keep your existing equipment operational for another year or two.

Your Options for IT Maintenance Providers

Sound familiar? If it does, then now could be time to start considering your alternatives. Your choices are:

  1. Work only with your OEM, who will continue to implore you to replace operational equipment or provide continuing maintenance services at a high cost. Their option may require you to stay on top of multiple agreements, contracts, and warranties to cover all of your IT assets.
  2. Perhaps even more expensive for a small to medium-sized operation is to hire full-time IT professionals to oversee the maintenance and upgrades for your equipment. Paying for employees to provide periodic maintenance and routine operational adjustments can be a costly solution.
  3. A proven third-party maintenance (TPM) provider with a global presence shares the same objectives as you. These include:
  4. Keeping your IT assets functioning for as long as possible, extending the useful life by100% or more.
  5. Installing upgrades, security protection, backup capability, and field support as needed with 24/7 problem solving and troubleshooting as required.
  6. Ensuring instantly recallable backup is always available in case of emergency.
  7. Keeping your IT costs under control.

What is a Third-Party Maintenance Provider?

A third-party IT maintenance company (TPM) is an independent company staffed by highly trained and versatile technicians whose purpose is to provide all necessary IT hardware maintenance and service that their client company requires. Maintenance contracts can be customized to include precisely the services needed, including emergency response and troubleshooting.

The Right Alternative and Solution: Outsourcing Your IT Maintenance and Monitoring

IT assets operating at top performance levels are a necessary element of any business. While their function is essential for providing decision-making information, executing and monitoring transactions, managing employee data, and much more, note that the system’s operation is not a direct revenue-producing role.

Information technology is an investment for organizations, and practical business managers understand that the cost of maintaining the “tools of the trade” must never exceed the value they bring.

Some of the functions performed by a TPM include:

  • Data backup
  • Datacenter management
  • Desktop support
  • Employee training
  • Part replacements of hardware for all top brands
  • IT asset distribution
  • Help desk and troubleshooting
  • Timely response to keep your activities running seamlessly in case of an emergency

For companies with a worldwide presence, a network third-party hardware maintenance company like thomastech is a viable option for keeping all service, storage, support, and employees operating in harmony, without any serious issues and in real-time.

Reach Out to thomastech, Your Professional Third-Party Maintenance Provider

Driven by client demand, thomastech has expanded to embed engineering staff across the United States and Europe. Our customers have learned that from the beginning of their relationships, we provide unparalleled technical value to all elements of their IT systems.

Staying engaged is one of the hallmarks of the thomastech network. As a smart alternative and a valuable third-party maintenance solution, the thomastech professionals offer the following coverage:

  • Mission-critical 24/7 same-day response
  • Next day spare parts delivery
  • 24/7 Phone Support and response

Your thomastech third-party maintenance contract is customizable to define precisely the degree of support you may require and the cost that fits your needs.

Learn more about the global scope of the benefits of our products and partnering services by visiting the thomastech website.

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