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Top Strategies For Third-Party Hardware Maintenance

As an enterprise grows, managers accumulate an ever-growing pile of IT and communications equipment warranties and service contracts to manage. These service agreements are part of the original equipment manufacturers’ (OEM) responsibility to keep their products working correctly, at least until those commitments lapse.

When the warranty or service contract expires, OEM representatives will begin to implore you to upgrade to “the latest and greatest” version of the existing equipment since, in truth, selling new equipment is their primary responsibility.

The end of a warranty is not the end of the IT equipment’s useful life. With professional ongoing maintenance and upgrades, your equipment will be effective for as long as double the original warranty time.

Consider the many different OEM contracts that you must manage with multiple manufacturers and varying warranty expirations. The job of overseeing these can be time-consuming and very disruptive to the normal affairs of your business.

Benefits and Strategies for Using a Third-Party Maintenance Company

Some long-term strategies and advantages of using an effective third-party maintenance company:

  • Global Support

In recent years, high-performance IT support companies like thomastech have developed a worldwide reach in their operations. To manage IT for companies with significant remote activity, support personnel must be available to provide ongoing maintenance and security oversight. Currently providing a 24/7/365 Help Desk support for clients in 68 countries, thomastech can cover any client’s global reach.

  • Customized Service Contract

Only pay for what you need and use. Companies can negotiate full to flexible-service contracts that best fit their requirements. However, a third-party maintenance company will always be available in case of emergencies.

  • Back-up Spare Parts Inventory

Your service provider will stock spare parts for your equipment to manage emergencies. If a spare part is not currently in inventory, the company has a direct channel to the manufacturers and can have the element on hand promptly.

  • ITAD Management

Eventually, some hardware assets will no longer perform as needed, and economical and environmentally acceptable Information Technology Asset Disposal (ITAD) will be required. A third-party maintenance company like thomastech will manage the disposal efficiently and within necessary guidelines.

  • 24-Hour Monitoring

thomastech provides ongoing remote monitoring to detect service disruptions and unwanted intrusions to the assets. In many instances, the problems may be resolved from a remote location, although a technician can be dispatched to your issues onsite immediately if needed.

Choosing a Professional Third-Partner Provider

The time required to manage all your various service contracts can largely disappear by partnering with an effective third-party maintenance company experienced in servicing and maintaining a broad range of IT assets.

Skilled technicians are committed to making your IT equipment last longer while maintaining the highest cybersecurity protection, providing accessible data back-up, and keeping all your assets running without interruption.

Working with an effective third-party maintenance provider, you will save valuable time, reduce long-term IT expenditure, enjoy direct accountability, and gain confidence that your assets are being correctly maintained and up-to-date.

Contact thomastech, a Global Leader in the Industry

A global operation, Ohio-based thomastech offers professional third-party IT maintenance support to many clients around the globe. Our highly trained and experienced technicians focus on keeping all customer IT assets operating securely and efficiently well past the warranty period, 

Today, thomastech’s Data Center Lifecycle Solutions provides much-needed IT maintenance support for enterprises involved in financial, insurance, telecommunications, and governmental segments.

To learn more about thomastech and to schedule a confidential discussion and evaluation, visit the thomastech website.

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