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What is Third-Party Maintenance in the Data Center?

Quality third-party maintenance (TPM) providers are outsourced hardware and systems support companies that will professionally manage a client's server, data storage, and network equipment. In most instances, a TPM takes the role of a replacement for the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), whose principal objective is to sell their latest equipment, often recommending shorter replacement cycles than are necessary.

Computer and other electronic hardware do become obsolete eventually. But, as your business grows, a qualified third-party maintenance company can help you forestall that next stage investment while maintaining top-level performance.

A competent third-party maintenance provider strives to extend the useful life of your systems and prevent investing hard-earned assets prematurely. With focused technical support, the TPM company will optimize your IT budget while ensuring your data is safe, hardware breakdowns are minimal, and your data center produces everything you require to make timely business decisions.

A Comparison Between Qualified Third-Party Maintenance Providers and OEM Companies

OEMs like Dell, HP, IBM, EMC, and others generally offer up to a three-year warranty. At the end of the warranty, you will be offered an option to purchase an extended service level agreement (SLA).

However, after around 6-9 years, when the rising cost of the OEM's continuing service has reached its peak, you will be offered an End-of-Service-Life Notice that says that they can no longer provide support. The sales representative for the OEM will then advise that you need to invest in the newest version of their hardware.

Remember, the letter “M” in OEM stands for “manufacturer.” Selling new equipment is the OEM's primary objective.

Third-Party Maintenance Providers have a different objective. The “M” in their name represents “maintenance.” Their primary function is to be available to provide top quality personalized service when your OEM's warranty has expired. Their involvement allows your systems to continue performing flawlessly at a lower cost.

And, with professionally certified support, your equipment will last longer, and your company's capital can be applied to more productive, customer-focused activities.

Third-party maintenance providers like thomastech , a global systems support company, employ professional technicians who are OEM-certified to maintain equipment for all of the leading equipment brands. And, the company carries an extensive inventory of spare parts from leading brands.

What are the Advantages of Working with a Quality TPM Company?

Data centers who partner with the top third-party maintenance providers like thomastech realize certain tangible advantages. These include:

  • Reducing your long-term IT expenditures
  • Extending your equipment life cycle without jeopardizing performance
  • Personalizing service in a “partnering relationship”
  • Providing quicker response times
  • Maintaining readily available spare parts
  • Establishing state-of-the-art security
  • Assisting with IT Asset Disposition and resale, when needed

How Do You Determine if a Quality TPM and its Services are Warranted?

The first step in determining if your data center would benefit from working with a TPM company is to perform an internal assessment. The assessment should involve the following elements:

  • What percentage of your entire network is under an extended service warranty with the OEM?
  • How much equipment is out of warranty and is being serviced by the OEM under a service level agreement? What is your cost per year for the OEM service?
  • Review the records of downtime for each piece of equipment.
  • How much of your equipment is nearing or has reached the OEM's End-of-Life status that indicates your OEM service support will end?

Having quantified the answers to these questions, contact a proven TPM company to discuss your situation and who can offer a program to reduce your long-term hardware and maintenance costs. Look for a candidate with top-notch reviews and references from similar clients, appropriate industry certifications, extensive inventories, and available resources to support your business.

Learn More about thomastech, a Global Leader in Third-Party Maintenance

thomastech is a third-party maintenance leader in managing enterprise hardware servers and data storage with certified, professional IT support. Our company professionals provide scalable support that will expand as your needs grow.

Visit the thomastech website to learn more about how we will enhance your entire team and efforts while providing expert and economical support.

And to set up a confidential consultation and evaluation, call the experts at thomastech at 1-330-225-3117 or send us an email at

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