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When should you consider Third Party Maintenance?

Professional third-party IT maintenance services save you money, keep your systems secure and operating correctly, provide customized support, extend the life of your IT assets, and so much more.

Although the many whys of developing a dedicated external IT support system are clear, deciding when is the best time may not be as obvious.

Determining the Best Time

Your first consideration must be that IT equipment will eventually stop performing as needed. But the time when refreshing or upgrading to newer models is always years after your original equipment manufacturer's (OEM) representative suggests.

Since OEMs thrive by selling their latest and greatest versions, an enterprise's profitability may depend on extending the life of its IT assets for a few more years.

Another challenge for business managers is staying current with all the single-year OEM service level agreements (SLAs) and costs involved while managing multiple manufacturers' equipment.

Moreover, as a further strategy to encourage businesses to replace their IT systems, OEM service agreements beyond the warranty expiration are becoming more expensive. In most instances, these SLAs last for only one year, while subsequent renewals, if available, are even more costly.

In most instances, maintenance during a warranty period should be the OEM technicians' responsibility. However, once the warranty ends for any single IT asset, your third-party maintenance company should step in to provide life-extending maintenance, equipment upgrades, and essential security operations.  

The Advantages and Benefits of Having a Third-Party IT Maintenance Company Take Over

Even while some equipment remains under warranty, you should adopt a tailored Service Level Agreement (SLA) with your TPM to monitor, maintain, and upgrade those IT assets that have reached the end of their warranties and OEM service agreements.

Remember that you and your TPM Partner will always share the same objectives: i.e., extending the life of your IT assets to the furthest extent, protecting and preserving all data, and keeping your systems running smoothly.

Furthermore, since IT maintenance is not likely to be one of the enterprise's strategic objectives, handling IT maintenance with in-house personnel could incur substantial unnecessary expenses.

Your third-party IT maintenance (TPM) partner will utilize a staff of fully trained technical specialists available 24/7, plus an inventory of spare parts for each brand.

While maintaining your IT assets at peak operating efficiency, third-party maintenance companies can also coordinate coverage for Cloud migration and provide backup capability in case your system should go down due to a natural disaster or other significant events. Even with the most severe occurrence, your TPM can recover data and provide backup equipment, as needed, to keep your business running smoothly.

All-System Support and Third-Party Service

A professional third-party maintenance company is a one-stop-shop solution and viable option that views your entire IT system holistically and not as individual components. Clients and customers tend to consider their third-party maintenance providers closely aligned with their IT needs as those giant corporations view their in-house IT departments.

As a core part of their mission, global third-party support providers like thomastech that operates across the U.S. and Europe also provide full-service support for outlying branches, partners, and representatives worldwide. Seamlessly bridging OEM contract transitions to around-the-clock support and monitoring, clients instantly access thomastech's technical support through secure messaging and even a client portal and Help Desk that allows direct interaction with thomastech professionals for any questions and issues.

Contact thomastech, a Global Third-Party Maintenance Provider

A global force in Data Center Hardware, Service, and Expertise, thomastech offers the People, Processes, and Products to support the IT needs of any enterprise.

To learn more, a confidential conversation and evaluation by the thomastech professionals will uncover specific areas where money and maintenance costs may be saved, assets and devices can be improved, and the approach to security can be enhanced.

No matter where your location is in the globe, you can learn more about professional and quality IT maintenance by visiting the thomastech website and completing the brief Contact Us Form, or by calling our office at +1-(330)-225-3117.

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