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Why third-party maintenance and not OEM?

Maintaining your systems to prevent interruption or malfunction is an essential part of your IT budget. In fact, sources estimate that between 55% and 70% of most organization IT budgets are explicitly directed toward maintenance and upkeep. IT maintenance expenditures mostly focus on maintaining service levels, reducing overall information costs, and making the most of existing systems.

At an early stage in the development of a company, owners or managers must decide what hardware will be required to manage their enterprise’s information and communication. Where should the server reside? What equipment will be required? And who will lead the ongoing operations and maintenance?

Addressing the systems maintenance issue, must your system operate with support from the original equipment manufacturer (OEM)? Or, can your information services be more efficiently overseen and maintained by a third-party maintenance company (TPM)?

What is the Role of an OEM?

OEMs or original equipment manufacturers primarily engaged in selling their equipment and then offering services contracts to maintain your investment once the warranty runs out.

In the long run, the OEM representative’s motivation will be to sell as much equipment as possible. To that end, they are more likely to advise adding replacement equipment than helping you extend the useful life of what you already have.

What Can You Expect from a Third-Party Maintenance Company?

A reliable third-party maintenance company can perform the complete range of IT functions required to support your business. TPM support is customizable and scalable, often offering services that range from performing the role of your CIO and IT department to providing maintenance,  monitoring, and replacement parts for your systems to ensure smooth operation.

Your TPM will be committed to maintaining your success, keeping your systems in top working condition with sufficient capacity for your current and near-future business.

Maintenance, repair, and expansion will be focused on your objectives, not in selling more new equipment.

Comparing the Quality of Services from TPMs and OEMs

1. Service-Level Agreements: SLA

At the outset, you will need to determine the cost and frequency of the maintenance operations your provider should provide. The parameters will be defined in your SLA.

OEMs typically offer fixed service level agreements for all clients with few variations. Modifications to the standard maintenance program can be expensive.

A multi-service third-party maintennce company can help you tailor your service agreement to fit your needs. You pay only for what you want or need.

2. Equipment Life Objectives

There will come a time when a decision is needed regarding whether adding new equipment or extending the useful life of your current system is more economical.

  • As an equipment manufacturer, an OEM will always recommend investing in new equipment. A new replacement may be offered even though the existing hardware is still capable of maintaining your current and future volume with some modifications. As a manufacturer first, always expect the OEM to prefer a new sales contract over a service contract.
  • The third-party maintenance company will employ strategies to effectively extend the life of your existing hardware, always adjusting to your business growth. By maximizing what you already have, you will be reducing your overall IT expenses dramatically. Extending equipment life may include locating and installing necessary replacement parts or supplemental components, rather than purchasing a whole new system.

3. Versatility and Coordination

Over time, companies accumulate equipment produced by several different manufacturers. The reasons can be due to cost or differences in capability at the time you acquired the equipment.

  • Each OEM technician is only qualified to maintain their company’s equipment. When you have multiple OEMs to handle, you must deal with several service-level agreements and more complicated scheduling and communication. Expect disruptions when several OEMs become involved.
  • Expert technicians at well-established TPMs are qualified to work on and repair specialized hardware from any manufacturer. Also, these professionals can link your whole network of equipment from different manufacturers to provide a seamless, high-performance system.

Make thomastech, llc Your Professional TPM

Since 2007, thomastech, llc has provided flexible third-party maintenance services and hardware replacement solutions for successful companies around the globe. Based in Medina, Ohio, thomastech maintains a highly skilled engineering staff, multi-function testing laboratory, and a 24/7 Support Desk to address any client issues at all times.

Thomastech also maintains a 36,000 square foot Distribution Center that houses spare parts and components from many of the world’s leading equipment manufacturers.

From the location in Medina, OH, thomastech provides global overnight shipping to reduce any operational disruptions.

For more information, visit the thomastech, llc website where you may learn more and even submit any questions or requests you may have.

Alternatively, you may speak directly to one of our professionals at +1-(330)-225-3117.

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