Your Post COVID-19 IT Asset Disposition Strategy

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With Covid-19 completely revamping how enterprises operate, it is crucial to understand how the Post-pandemic IT ecosystem can make the most out of the recent developments. Remote Working has also led to the inevitable IT Asset Dispersal. New ways of operating during the Pandemic have brought a new set of challenges wit them. It also proves to be a good starting point to reexamine our Asset Management Strategies by better understanding these challenges.

IT Asset Disposition Challenges of a Dispersed Workforce during Covid-19 

People working remotely with Assets issued by the Company, such as Corporate Desktops and Laptops, have sensitive Information about the Company. Since these Devices never left the Company's Premises, there was no security concern. However, there is one now. Since your Organization's Devices are dispersed just as your Employees, the Risk of Data Theft, Malware, and other unwanted intrusions is more significant than ever. In addition, Employees who could not receive Devices from the Company used their own Devices to operate, further increasing the Data Security issue. The Dispersed Workforce is not an excuse to ignore Data Regulations.

In order to solidify Data Security, the Organization must add every piece of Equipment to the Company's Asset Register and encrypt them. Documenting and Securing all Company or Employee-owned Equipment is a definitive step towards avoiding a Data Breach.

How an IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) Partner can help your Business

One of the most critical steps in managing scattered IT Assets is disposing them off efficiently when they are no longer operable. There will surely come a time when you will have to let go of your legacy equipment: They contain vital Data embedded in them, which can be exploited. A Post-pandemic IT ecosystem demands a more proactive IT Asset Disposition second strategy. Organizations must prioritize ITAD activities to minimize Data exploitation from other Devices. The core responsibilities of a Professional ITAD Partner such as thomastech include :

Sterilize the System : Before disposing off the Asset, the Company must sterilize all elements, removing all Data. This step should be executed keeping in mind the Industry Guidelines to ensure none of your Information remains with the Equipment.

Determine Residual Value : The Company will determine how much Value remains with each Component. They may then choose which System needs to be resold.

Offer Asset Remarketing Option : This can be done by finding a Buyer for all or part of the System.

Responsible Asset Disposition : If Components cannot be resold, the Company will handle the Asset Distribution and Logistics according to Industry standards and International guidelines.

How to choose the right ITAD Partner for your Organization ?

ITAD Partners ensure that they abide by Federal, State and Electronic Laws regarding the disposition of IT Assets. They either wipe Data using Software or physically destroy the equipment to eliminate any scope of Data exploitation. They ensure you get the best ROI for your Equipment while disposing off them. It is also necessary to follow Environmental Laws of disposition while at it. You must check that your ITAD partner has a Waste Carriers' License and Certification to prove it's Compliance with Environmental Regulation ISO 14001. They must maintain a chain of custody for the Equipment Lifecycle. this step usually involves keeping track of special equipment fro the time of is deployment till its expiry. After identifying IT Assets in your Organization, they strategize and employ an action plan for the Asset's disposal.

thomastech : A Global Leader in Data Center Hardware Maintenance, Support and Disposition

thomastech is your trusted ITAD Company that provides cost-effective, trustworthy and safe Data Center decommissioning services. Our strategy is to delay capital equipment expense while professionally maintaining existing Assets. We help Clients gain control over their IT Budgets through efficient ITAD Services. thomastech will manage the disposal in the safest, most economical method regarding IT Asset Disposition. Make sure you dispose off your old equipment only when it has reached the end of its useful life using the ITAD services of thomastech. To learn more about the Company and its services and quality expertise, visit the thomastech website

thomastech's unwavering commitment to quality, comprehensive solutions, and round-the-clock expertise transformed our Data Center journey." - John T.

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