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Your Post-Covid 19 IT Asset Disposition Strategy

As more company team members move away from their centralized office environment to work remotely, IT departments face the emergent task of maintaining a secure network of remote IT assets. In many instances, scattered teams may even become the norm, to some degree, in the future.

The global Covid-19 pandemic has become a primary catalyst for change. The circumstances have seriously impacted many IT managers who failed to create any contingency plans and scrambled to piece together emergency strategies to accommodate remote interaction. Others executed well-prepared contingencies that allowed their enterprise to continue conducting business as usual without interruption.

IT Asset Disposition Challenges of a Dispersed Workforce during Covid-19 

A scattered workforce creates challenges that many IT departments may have never faced. While facilitating interactive communications from remote locations, IT specialists were immediately charged with securing their systems against the increased vulnerability of remote and sometimes employee-owned IT equipment.

Even when employees transferred their office equipment and software to their homes or other remote locations, the potential for data theft, malware, and other unwanted intrusions increased significantly.

To ensure safety and improve security, all IT equipment, no matter who owns it, must be added to the company's Asset Register and encrypted for protection. In a larger organization, documenting and securing all company or employee-owned equipment can be a massive undertaking.

Impact on IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) for Businesses and Organizations

In addition to the many new processes and procedures needed to secure scattered IT assets, IT Departments must make IT Asset Disposition activities one of their highest priorities. ITAD involves working with companies to implement business strategies and an essential set of responsibilities that include:

Minimizing the cost of disposal of obsolete IT equipment

Ensuring and documenting that all data and organizational detail are wiped clean from all equipment to be replaced

Recovering value from any parts or elements that can be resold

Locating spare parts or equipment on the secondary market that may be useful for your enterprise

ITAD Going Forward

Many IT Managers are hastily reimagining their ITAD priorities as a result of the Coronavirus Pandemic.

For example, enterprises with a high volume of desktop computers and peripheral equipment remaining in their home office and branch locations may no longer need or care for them.

During this time, some companies that have shrunk due to a drop in demand are likely to have excess equipment on hand.

Other companies have joined forces as they move forward but have incongruent systems. Making their systems compatible likely requires the acquisition of new equipment and the disposition of the obsolete material.

Get on the Right Path and Work with Trusted ITAD Vendors

How much an IT Department spends on the disposition of obsolete equipment is actually a component of the replacements' costs.

Responsible and trustworthy ITAD companies can reduce your overall IT costs while providing a peace of mind for IT management. With open communications, your ITAD provider will attempt to sell all or parts from your disposition to counter the actual expenses of transportation, data removal, and environmentally-safe disposal of the IT equipment.

Carefully review your candidate ITAD vendor's credentials. Develop mutual strategies to move forward in these changing times.

In most instances, more than one ITAD service provider can be beneficial and economical.

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